Dr. Karen Ratliff

365 Consulting Group


A leader in both ministry and the marketplace, Dr. Karen Ratliff is a visionary leader and entrepreneur who serves others through her passion for helping them set goals and achieve their dreams. This business owner, spiritual leader, motivational speaker, professor, master certified life coach and consultant, has earned a reputation for creating systems that deliver value and efficiently challenges organizational constraints in order to produce significant achievements and outstanding results.

Dr. Ratliff has more than 15 years of experience in serving in the ministry and marketplace. She has worked as an Educational Consultant & Liaison, Professor, Chicago Public Schools District Manager and Curriculum Developer. She has also made history as the youngest and only female Senior Executive Director at New Life Covenant Church Southeast (NLCSE) - with more than 200 leaders, ministers and volunteers under her supervision. After her tenure with NLCSE, Dr. Karen served as the lead project manager and trailblazer in partnership with NLCSE and Grammy-winning artist and actor Common for the only approved Charter School since 2013 - A.I.M Performing Arts Charter School where she also served as the Board President. She is also the Founder of 365 Consulting Group, LLC. where she consulted for individuals, corporations, businesses, and non-profit organizations. She also certified 75 life coaches between 2019 and 2020. 

In ministry, Dr. Ratliff freely shares her spiritual gifts of leadership and administration. She is an ordained minister and a member of Praise Outreach Ministries, where she assists the Senior Pastor in administrative, intercession and church growth roles. Dr. Ratliff is commissioned by God to build His Kingdom on Earth, educate and consult in the marketplace. She uses her calling as a prophetic and administrative leader to develop and equip emerging leaders to find their niche in ministry and marketplace. Recently, she ministered and trained leaders in Cape town, South Africa.

Embracing the core values of growth, innovation and professionalism, she was recently awarded recognition as one of 40 women under age 40 by the Young Women Professionals League for her marketplace and professional achievements. As the founder of Chayil, LLC., a minority based for-profit organization, her vision is to provide a space for African American women to grow their sense of self, support other women, and invest in the growth of underserved and under-resourced communities. Dr. Ratliff, who became an Ordained Minister in 2019, is a graduate of Southern Illinois University with degrees in Organizational Communication and Workforce Education. She also holds a Doctorate in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction.


Dr. Linetta Durand

Attenil Leadership and Management Consulting Group

Dr. Linetta Durand has over 20 years’ experience in K-12 education, serving as a high school Health and Science teacher in various school districts in Columbus and Cincinnati Ohio. She received her B.S. in Health Science Education from The Ohio State University and began her career in advocacy through working as an HIV/AIDS education specialist for various organizations. She began her leadership career in 2001 as Dean of Students and has served as an Assistant Principal, Principal and School Superintendent. Dr. Durand earned both a Masters and Doctorate degree from the University of Cincinnati, in Educational Leadership and Urban Leadership respectively and returned to the University of Cincinnati, College of Law, in 2017 to become a certified Paralegal. She is also a licensed Teacher, School Principal and Superintendent for the State of Ohio, but on October 2, 2015 her life changed!  She resigned as the Chairperson for the Department of Educational Leadership, at American College of Education, to serve in ministry full- time while fulfilling the promises of God for her life!  She now serves in a full-time capacity as the CEO of AtteniL Leadership and Management Group (formally AtteniL Inc. est. 2001)  a consulting firm she began in 2015, providing grant writing services, along with Life Coaching, Educational, Leadership and Diversity training workshops for school districts and colleges in Ohio, Maryland and Florida to name a few.

Dr. Durand was licensed as a Minister in October 2000 and ordained as an Elder in 2003. She launched S.A.R.A Women’s Ministry, Inc. in 2014 and she currently serves as the House Prophet at Kingdom Dominion Ministries, leading alongside her Husband, Apostle Iva J. Durand; creating Disciples for Kingdom building. Dr. Linetta Durand is the proud mother of natural and spiritual children and most recently she can add Book Author to her resume. Her first book: Believers Life Application Devotional: Topical Inspirations to Strengthen Your Walk with Christ” is NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE- ORDERS!! She is extremely excited that this dream has come to fruition.  Dr. Linetta Durand is a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc. and the Order of Eastern Stars, Prince Hall Affiliated. She is very active with Domestic Violence Awareness, LGBTIQ and HIV/AIDS Prevention causes. She believes that effective ministry must begin with serving others and showing the love of Christ through that service


Qiana Nelson

QSN Consulting, LLC

Qiana Nelson is the founder of QSN Consulting, LLC and a certified life coach who supports clients in reaching their goals by building up confidence and belief in themselves. She has been transforming others’ lives and careers for most of her own. No matter what role she’s in, she goes out of her way to inspire others to be their best.


As an experienced coach and speaker as well as a leader in Corporate America, Qiana knows what it takes to stand up and stand out. She is very passionate about seeing others succeed and reach their full potential by improving their quality, growing their support and creating their nobility.


Since 2003, Qiana has worked at a Fortune 500 technology solution provider with multinational capabilities where she has held several leadership positions and leads one of the company’s many Business Resource Groups. She is most proud of earning Coworker of the Year in 2010 and recently earned Coworker of the Month in June of 2020 at a company with 10,000 employees.


Qiana is passionate about giving back to her community and helping others which has been evident through her involvement with Junior Achievement, Big Brothers Big Sisters, re:work training program and serving on the Navy Pier Associate board.


Today Qiana offers a wide range of services - from life coaching, to professional coaching and speaking engagements focused on confidence and professional development. In 2019, Qiana collaborated with 15 other female entrepreneurs and life coaches to publish the book “Insight on Leadership, Motivation, and Vision” which provides strategies, tips, tools, and resources that guide professionals on how to overcome challenges. If you would like to coach with Qiana, please email her at to set up a phone conversation.

Keli Avery

Creative I Consulting Services, LLC

Keli Avery is a woman of faith, creative, trailblazer and a go-getter with a passion for empowering others. Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, Keli was educated through the Chicago Public School system at Simeon Career Academy and attended Illinois State University where she obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication in 2004. 


Keli transitioned into Resident Services, at The Chicago Housing Authority where she currently manages social service programs, by providing program planning solutions, contract compliance and quality improvement for nonprofit organizations that provide quality programs that move families toward self-sufficiency. Keli’s love for God, desire for helping others and gifts always inspired her to create opportunity that would build our community.

From an early age, Keli has always had a love for the arts and spent several years as a dancer, choreographer with several companies throughout the Chicagoland area. In 2016, Keli’s entrepreneurial spirit and her love for the arts inspired her to launch Creative I Arts, Inc. Creative I, offers creative arts programs that help organizations bridge the gap to performing arts needs in underserved communities through youth development, mentoring, leadership and instruction.  Creative I specialize in dance, drama and art programs and has worked with several community organizations and schools, such as Boys and Girls Club, South-Side Help Center, The Community Builders and Perspective Charter Schools. Due to a lack of funding and resources in many of our Chicago Public Schools, in efforts to fund these programs Keli birthed, The Creative Collection. The Creative Collection is known for its Dope apparel that is fashionable, versatile and creative. The Creative Collection has an online store, can be found in local boutiques as well as pop-up shops around the city. For every purchase, a portion of the proceeds will continue to sponsor the expansion of performing arts programs in urban communities. After several years as a successful business owner providing both services and products, and over 9 years’ experience managing urban development programming, Keli decided to expand her footprint and launched Creative I Consulting services where she will help unlock entrepreneurial potential, develop strategy, resources and coach individuals to building a thriving business and provide robust solutions to help guide the vision of tomorrows leaders.  Keli recently collaborated with 10 other female entrepreneurs and life coaches to publish the book "Women in the Marketplace” which provides strategies, tips, tools, and resources that guide professionals on how to overcome challenges in the Marketplace. 

Jasmine Stokes

The Greater Me Consulting

Certified Life Coach Jasmine Stokes is a devoted wife, sacrificial mother of three, corporate trainer, published author, podcaster, entrepreneur, empowerment speaker, natural born encourager, woman of faith, and unwavering friend.

Jasmine helps her clients develop realistic goals and plans focused on their wellbeing. With over 7 years of experience within Learning and Development and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and Finance, Jasmine is well versed in identifying communication strategies for focusing on the development of one's strengths. Jasmine's goal is to help others with their faith walk, mirror experiences, foundational structure and to truly see their GREATER self.